Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising management

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising management

What is PPC?

PPC is the acronym for pay-per-click advertising with two key media players relevant to the UK market: Google AdWords and BingAds. These major search engines allow you to sponsor keywords that their users are searching for, providing a fantastic opportunity for online sales and lead generation. Within the advertising interfaces that Google and Microsoft provide, you can build up campaigns, ad groups, keywords and ad creatives with many variants available to boost relevancy. By setting up enquiry / sales / phone tracking (all available within Google AdWords as part of their product) you can see cost per acquisition (CPA)

Why outsource PPC management?

PPC management has become an involved marketing discipline worthy of outsourcing because:

(a) Google, Bing and Yahoo protect the user experience of the search engines by setting quality standards in the ad creatives and the destination page that the ads take the user to.

(b) Google AdWords and BingAds provide you with a suite of evolving advertising products – for example Google Product Listing ads, remarketing, remarketing lists for search ads (RLSA) or display advertising via the Google Display Network.

Qualified PPC Experts

We are an accredited Google AdWords Partner agency and Bing Ads Professional member

with 6 years of PPC experience.

With the cost of advertising only seeming to increase its important you pay close attention to what is converting for you and what isn’t. Getting paid search right is about ensuring you get the right adverts in front of your potential customers at the right time with a message that will appeal to them. Testing, analysis and continual improvement is key to successful paid search campaigns. We manage Google, Yahoo! & Bing PPC platforms.

If you have made the effort (and paid the money!) to get customers to your website it makes sense to re-market to those that don’t buy. Re-marketing is about getting the most out of your initial marketing investment and enticing those clients back. There is a number of ways to re-engage with these customers offering strong messages and calls to actions and making sure you target the right people at the right time.

Not everyone clicks on the paid search ads, so integrating a good PPC campaign with well run display advertising helps you broaden the reach of your business. As with re-marketing we look to deliver strong marketing messages, calls to actions, images incorporating the company’s branding to delivery the biggest impact. 

Over recent years the explosion of social media has lead to new marketing opportunities to reach your customers on a number of different platforms. We can look at targeting your audience based on a whole host of factors including gender, age, location, interests amongst many more… and with mobile becoming more prevalent you can reach anyone anywhere! We have experience that covers all the major platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and YouTube.

Whether you are looking to improve your PPC optimisation, remarketing, or Product Listing Ads or just want to dip your toe in the water and see if it can work for you… give us a call and we’ll be happy to talk you through it.

With the emergence of mass search engine use came the excellent business generation opportunity of pay-per-click advertising. Spike Digital manage large scale pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaigns taking care of bid/budgets, campaign/ad group structure, ad creatives, keyword matching strategy, mobile/desktop bid acceleration, payment setup conversion tracking and conversion optimisation. We find that landing page quality impacts hugely on both PPC and SEO development – we provide ongoing consultancy in this area.

Spike Digital also cost effectively audit and create small business Google Adwords accounts which often saves money by focusing on the right keywords with great ad creatives. We take your media budget and structure it in a way that makes commercial sense to you – prioritising your biggest opportunities with smart keyword sponsorship and snappy ad creatives.

Case Study

Our client approached us with an under-performing website that they had invested a considerable amount of time and money in. Their SEO effort had returned very few sales and the immediate need was to drive traffic and sales. Creating a brand new paid search campaign and utilising Product Listing Ads we have started to drive good value, high converting traffic.

The results – 1103% increase in sales and 82% reduction in the average cost per sale.

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