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To blog or not to blog . . .

As a passionate blogger, this is a sociable way of interacting with people on shared interests. With many businesses, you may have 2 reservations:

1. A blog could end up to be a little dry on content. Do people really want to read blogs on my company product/service when it is a little bit dull…?!

My answer: You can always blog about related topics as well as current affairs with your company’s views on them. However, your product isn’t dull – only the way you write about it potentially could be!

2. Will I have the time to regularly blog? What is the benefit?

The main benefits are giving your website more unique content, a place to link out to relevant sites (by doing so you heighten the chance of someone organically returning the favour), getting high quality blog directory links in and participating in online communities with fellow bloggers. Search engines will like this approach and reward you with more rankings through more quality pages. Weekly blogging would be enough and these benefits are worth it.

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