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What new opportunities can Paid Media deliver?

The world of Paid Media is unrecognisable today from what it was only a few years ago.

For many agencies change can be uncomfortable, others are so intent on delivering this month’s numbers that it can pass them by.

At Spike we love change and its why many of us are still doing this job, after more than a decade.

Change fuels growth, and brings opportunity. Change leads to competitive advantage, inspiring work, and increased profit.

The evolution of Paid Media

The big shift in recent years has been towards automation, and an increasing reliance on data. Bidding, ad creation, keyword selection etc. these can all be automated to some degree. Artificial Intelligence (AI) behind it has come a long way. When managed in the right way machine learning is now way more powerful than manual intervention and offers real freedom.

With less time spent on these more routine tasks it frees our time to deliver real strategic change.

The AI can take care of what comes out, as long as we do a great job on what goes in. That’s why we believe getting to know your business and your objectives, and using this knowledge to refine what we feed the algorithms with and what we ask them to do is where the true magic lies.

How we delivered an award-winning Paid Media brand awareness campaign for Mighty

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What does change look like in Paid Media?

At Spike we deliver an approach truly tailored to you.

It starts at the heart of your business. We identify what matters most by speaking to as many people and as many teams as possible.

We take the time to really get to know your data and your customers. Taking all the valuable insight you already have, and working with you to shape a strategy to get more customers, to make them buy more, engage more, or even tell more of their friends.

We determine the ideal channel mix and strategy to hit your objectives across search, shopping, social, display, video and native. Then we figure out the best way to measure it to ensure the best performance.

We don’t spend our time mining keywords, setting bids, or creating endless ad variants.

We spend it learning your business, learning your customers, and developing strategies that make a genuine difference.

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