The spam busters

I’ve read many articles about search engine updates or changes in the online big player space leading to theorists suggesting that SEO could die out as a faculty of internet marketing. For the foreseeable future we as internet consumers view efficient search engines (i.e. and as an essential day to day gateway to the internet.

Although mobile marketing is starting to move a little better, we are not dependent on phones and specifically the ‘app’ movement for online consumption. Therefore, SEO is gradually becoming more of a best practice marketing exercise as opposed to just a ‘content & links’ approach.

Why is this relevant to you and your website? Well the advice I constantly give out is to build your off-site SEO strategy around well trusted/authority links. If Google is constantly changing its algorithm and organisational set up (i.e. Matt Cutts and the spam buster squad) then you need to think about your SEO being a credible record in the future that will always represent your brand. Many SEO consultants are now spending month 1 with new clients ripping out external links from bad neighbourhoods – so in other words companies are paying twice for the privilege of activity that at best would give them no SEO benefit.

The bottom line is if your website is representing your company brand that you want to be around for the long term, then build your SEO strategy around real natural SEO – link baiting and adding value to the super highway is the way forward. Despite it being quite hard!

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