Working with ‘Query deserves Freshness (QDF)’

The QDF algorithm isn’t a new element for SEO strategists to observe and appeal to. As a keen blogger, I started to notice review blogs getting incredible rankings especially when writing about an event where the date/time was key to the content. Initially the results could be almost disproportionately positive; almost like Google local a few updates later the algorithm had been tweaked and traffic levels seemed more modest.

Writing non-commercial, objective online content forms part of a good long term SEO platform, no doubt about it. However so many companies ignore it and plough money into SEO agencies administering fairly average link building which will take you a fair way but the reality with this approach is a traffic plateau. By creating content that targets the QDF algorithm you make your link profile work in your favour in all sorts of terms – long tail and generic SERPS.

Targeting QDF in a way that gets you high converting traffic is the goal…and for obvious reasons it doesn’t always work out that way. By categorising or tagging your articles you will make your content areas more sticky. By integrating products and services smoothly into these articles ( are the masters in this area) you can make massive conversion improvements. Contextual internal links within articles are both good for business generation and the search engines.

This is the note I want to conclude on. Think about the most likely terms relevant to your industry where you could target QDF and then provide content that is unique and useful. Provide a tangible conversion path for users that also enhances your internal linking structure. You will get results!