Facebook marketing tips

Increasingly social media and SEO are being pulled together as online marketing disciplines. AS documented on earlier posts, location based marketing the two long term could well merge into one overall best practice methodology.

In chronological order, here are my 6 favourite facebook marketing business page tips:

1) Before you go ‘public’ (tip: you can put your facebook site in ‘dev’ mode so that only admins can see it) compose a set of comments moderation processes. E.g. service levels of comment reply time, removal of posts containing abusive/foul language. You can issue this on your ‘info’ tab just in case you get any troublemakers.

2) Get a vanity URL – business pages come with pretty ugly URLs but if you can show Facebook that you are serious, then you can get a ‘simple’ or ‘vanity’ URL. As the great Beatles tune goes ‘With a little help from my friends’…get your 25 likes from your colleagues, girlfriend, boyfriend, facebook mates, mum – … do what you need to do to have a URL that you can market in the offline world.

3) Use the imagery spots wisely. Your avatar and FBML areas can be used to get your brand logo and imagery across – make the most of it!

4) Post video content – video content is great because the user can stream without leaving Facebook. This is a friendly approach and ideally you would provide unique video content that you could then post on to your own website and Youtube account.

5) Use sweepstakes to build fans. This works superbly – why not do regular competitions, it gives your audience a reason to come back to you.

6) Blur CRM and acquisition. Social media offers people a route of getting genuine recommendations and points of view on products/services. People that ‘like’ you don’t need to be heavily sold to. Point them in the direction of offers and exclusive competitions – but use your brand’s voice – not ‘BUY NOW’ or ‘XX% OFF – CLICK HERE’.

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