Content strategy for the web

Content post panda update is nearly king then? Content strategy can be tough if your product or service is not sexy but it is a must for your SEO development. In this post, I have demonstrate how I break down content strategy from concept to implementation.
The long tail of search means that if you create quality content in a structured way, you will be rewarded. So here is my breakdown of practial content strategy for the web:
1) Build a content hub. This needs to have archive/index pages with categories – depending on the volume of content, potentially with A-Z & monthly archiving to make everything nice and usable. Also, breadcrumb links need to reflect this content hub structure – good for users and Google.
2) Create rules within your site to create deep content integration. Whether it’s latest, product related, review related, geo related – you need to integrate your content to retain your visitors. Remember, Google is watching those bounce rates now.
3) Create content based on primary and secondary research. As well as using tools like Google Alerts and online PR sites, use your website and social media traffic to build primary research – this will show your audience that you mean business online. As a rule, I aim to split my content 50:50 between primary/secondary research if the site I am working on has decent traffic/social media following.
4) Share, share, share. I spend my whole life asking my children to share – but now Google’s algorithm is recognising this, you need to neatly embed social sharing in prominent content areas of the page.