Duncan - 16 May 2011 in SEO

Bing SEO – SMX London

Chitika presentation on Bing.com

Some great research from Chitika…

Why use Bing.com

Increasing traffic
Higher CTRs on Yahoo and Bing (nearly double Google.com)

SEO differences

Forums achieve higher rankings in the long tail.
65% of content farms appear further down the SERPs than Google.com
Bing.com is worse than Google.com at broad matching
Verbatim keyword matching is a good example of SEO especially for Bing.com
URL searches are ineffective
Bing bring back fewer phone number results than Google.com
With ambiguous searches, Bing will favour locality
Bing struggles to index PDFs


67% of Google.com #1’s appear on page one on Bing.com
You need to target Bing separately for SEO!

Duncan Colman

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