How to search on Twitter

How to search on Twitter

In the UK we have seen a direct correlation between smartphone sales and Twitter accounts. Hitwise provide a great source of free data showing the top social networking websites – the top three has been quite static…Facebook, Youtube and then Twitter. What is interesting is that these 3 sites have taken market share from the less popular social networks as UK users become more picky and selective with their mobile and desktop social media usage.

Whether you are on old hand at Twitter or just getting to grips with it, do not subscribe to the view that finding stuff on Twitter is difficult. Take into account that this micro-blogging phenomenon has to take a huge strain on its servers with spikes of trending and increasing international usage. If you have a new account for example, there can be a little lag before you can find yourself on

Twitter provide a great list of search query methods making it easier for you to find people and keywords. There is much more power to the search functionality than you’d realise from so don’t dismiss the Twitter client for all of your usage. Here is the list from the search operator list – really handy stuff:

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