SEO link builders New Years Resolutions

After yesterday’s post on Google’s webspam antics, I think it is fair to say that the paid links fear factor for businesses, Digital Marketing Managers, SEOs and SEO agencies has been well refreshed. 
So what next? Abandon link building and concentrate on building your website so that it is so good that it will generate links naturally? Well, this is part of it that anyone who wants to excel in search has to seriously address – unless you’re already doing it get some traction on usability, existing user behaviour and conversion analysis. Google sees all of this with the panda update and builds on it’s quality assessment every 30 to 40 days.
However, Panda isn’t new (Panda/Farmer update hit the UK in April 2011) and I am intrigued about how SEO agencies / consultants will now evolve. Personally, quality link building output is completely relative to the sector to any particular business is in – but the fact is that bad directories / article marketing has no long term value. Ranking increases can be gained with these techniques still – but Google’s webspam team will not give up the fight against the black hatters.
So, what should a link builder’s New Years resolutions be? Here’s a nice concise list:

– Use email/influencers/blogger outreach to build real links (don’t be scared – it does work)
– Steer away from link selling blog networks (you won’t get too many more JC Penney type warnings)
– Definitely leave off poor quality directory submissions

– Definitely, definitely leave out the article marketing
OK, so this brings SEO back to Earth – marketing led, innovative thinking. So it’s harder – but may be you will be able to sleep better night!