Why Internet addiction will only go one way

We are past web 2.0. Post PC world is where we are at, which is in the process of completely transforming TV, video, data storage/sharing, telecommunications and even currency in the longer term. As multi device use is now mainstream there are more Internet worlds out there than ever before. 

Having recently gone on holiday, I did the ‘don’t look at your Twitter’ thing and genuinely benefited from being ‘webless’. For a few days. I came back to view to the Apple presentation of the iPhone 5, unveiled as a superstar computer showered in flash photography with geeks watching the latest robotic star.

I have also recently done the ‘buy an iPad for no absolutely no reason’ thing. I say that because I could genuinely live without a tablet. The same thing was said about mobile phones and certainly smartphones. So this is why internet addiction is a societal virus. You acquire these new devices that have new ways of consuming the internet (applications) that create their own ecosystems (marketplace / app store) and then sofrware engineers spend months creating addictively useful software to peddle their FMCGs.

Be the boss of your internet use. Don’t be like me, blogging in front of Monday Night Football on Sky Sports!