Interflora brand penalty is lifted by Google

Interflora Brand Penalty Lifted

The SEO world got its knickers in a twist when news broke on Interflora getting a brand penalty on As if 2012 wasn’t a clear enough message on buying links. Was it worth it Google? For the past week getting Mothers Day flowers sorted was a tiny bit trickier…although I bet Interflora’s CTRs on Google Adwords brand clicks was healthy enough last week 🙂

Anyhow, Interflora are back in the hot seat for their most valuable brand name (see below screenshot):

Interflora are back in #1 position after 11 days of lurking on page 2-4 of Google SERPs

A quick ‘before and after’ ranking report show that Interflora are also showing signs of getting back to where they should be for the generic too:

Interflora brand and generic keyword rankings reprieve (04/03/2013)

The SEO world chatter will have created lots of nice natural brand back links for