Being a step ahead with Adwords (not provided)

The search engine marketing industry is rife with software and tools that dip into the Google Adwords API for various data sets. The value that automatically analysing this data and providing detailed recommendations for either search engine optimisation or Google Adwords pay-per-click can be immense and has underpinned much commercial growth. A.J. Ghergich‘s blog post would certainly have been half expected from some of these big PPC software providers but as ever its the advertisers that I’m thinking of.

Automated rules and automated scripts have demonstrated that Adwords commitment to their advertisers. These are the types of things that PPC software companies have been clever at developing and then charging for their services to drive return on investment. The result? Cheaper clicks and conversions of course.

Now, keyword data might be quarantined within Google Adwords. I suppose you’re going to be unhelpful, be consistently unhelpful (Barry Schwartz makes the point here

Whilst Adwords data is still being provided, the talk is that it will not quite soon. For digital marketing managers, this could mess up your neat looking ecommerce analytics stats where you get to see the value of a keyword. For ecommerce led businesses that have heavy budgets managed outsourced by software driven outfits – this could pose a question mark in terms of future management.

If your PPC agency do use software like Wordstream or Kenshoo then it might well be that they’ll be altering their business model over coming years. My only advice to anyone who has Adwords spend is to have what your agency or consultant have : administrator access to the account – after all, you are the advertiser owning the relationship with Google Adwords. Push them for it – it could well be your biggest priority.

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