Image dimensions for the new Twitter profile format

Twitter Profile Changes

Twitter launched their new profile design yesterday – here are the salient points (ref. official blog post):

  • Upload a profile photo and it’s automatically resized to fit. Recommended size: 400×400 pixels.
  • Choose your own image to create a bigger, more beautiful profile header. Recommended size: 1500×500 pixels
  • Pin one of your Tweets to the top of your profile page for everyone to see.

The wide header area (1500 pixels wide) gives us the creative licence to really say something to our target audience. The avatar is can also be larger which will help those with the more intricate logos:

twitter profile changes

The theme colour can be added within a few seconds:

twitter profile theme colour

Finally a great feature of pinning tweets – almost like organic promotion – again, within two clicks you can take advantage of the new functionality:

twitter profile pinned tweets

Good job Twitter as ever!

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