B2B PR: 12 Ways to Maximise Strategy and Achieve Effective Results

Why we liked this article

  • B2B PR is still viewed as a leading strategy for many businesses
  • Various digital marketing and PR agencies giving their opinion, all agree on one thing – having closely aligned strategies, with a clients business goals, will deliver impact, credibility and authenticity as well as trust
  • Looking at a client’s objectives as a business, these can be tied into an effective B2B strategy that will deliver the most appropriate message and the right times 

Spike’s Head of PR Sarah Carpin, gives her thoughts:

“Effective B2B coverage, whether it be coverage for brands looking to increase their wholesale client base, or to position themselves as respected and trusted brands within their sector, needs specialist management. B2B PR also covers things like non-competing brand collaborations and charity partnerships, providing client support at trade shows and conferences; hosting customer networking events; submitting award entries and supplying relevant content for LinkedIn, blogs and email newsletters.”

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