Meta Plans to Launch Personalised Facebook News Platform in France

Spike’s PR & Outreach Manager, Andre Gwilliam takes a closer look at what the latest news from Meta means. 

In a world of fake news and syndicated content, it has become increasingly difficult for journalists writing to be seen and understood, and importantly trusted by readers. Because of this, Meta is choosing to develop a new platform to deliver wide-reaching news stories in France, something which will be welcomed by publishers across the country. 

Users will now be able to explore news stories covering a wide range of topics across various publishing outlets within the Facebook app, with Meta having formed exciting partnerships with the likes of BFMTV, Capital, Femme Actuelle, Gala, Geo, L’Equipe, L’Express, Libération, RMC and Voici. 

Placing reputable, trustworthy stories at the heart of Metas content-based product, readers can rest assured that the news reaching them are that of real stories

The publishers who’ve so far partnered with Meta, are seeing the move as a vital step forward in building trust with readers. Quality content, which is innovative with a focus on ‘local’ will enable publishers to promote their articles through this new tool. 

New Features

There are multiple new features within Facebook News of which users and businesses can capitalise on. From a reactive point of view, when news breaks in the mainstream media, ‘Today’s stories’ will give users the latest news specifically selected by a team of talented, independent journalists as it breaks through the day. Users will also be able to locate the stories through Personalisation, where new outlets can be found based on your reading preferences and subject/topic interests in what you follow/share. 

Including a News section means users will be able to dive deeper into various subjects ranging from business, entertainment, health, science, technology and sport. Controlling what you see will be easy as Facebook News gives users the opportunity to choose topics and articles and even rule out specific publishers you don’t want to engage with and those you do. 

Why the change now? 

Currently, anyone can share a story on Facebook and with that comes a level of mistrust from a readership perspective. In France, Newspapers have always played a major role in French politics, society and economy dating back to the 17th century. News is treated quite seriously and with that, the source of who tells the story.  

With Facebook bringing in ‘collections’, citizens of France can now select major news topics, such as upcoming elections through various articles and videos. This is a chance for publishers to tell original, real stories, increasing trust with users. 

Meta says that stories need to be distributed fairly, commenting:

We’re pleased that we will be working with Media Services, an AFP subsidiary, as our dedicated curation partner for Facebook News, who will ensure a fair overview of news published by publishers and broadcasters is highlighted, across a variety of subject areas — from politics and world affairs to entertainment and science.”

This development will be welcomed by people in France, as Facebook News will strive to ring people ‘closer to the stories that impact their lives and the community around them’.

Key takeaways: 

  • “Facebook News” launches personalised news to people living in France. This new development kicks in from February 15th within the app, giving users the ability to explore news articles covering a wide range of topics across multiple different publishers
  • Facebook is collaborating with l’Alliance de la Presse d’Information Générale (APIG), signing a partnership with over 100 media outlets and this will continue to grow
  • The development comes as part of Metas plans to continue producing content, helping to support both national and local journalism across France, whilst creating more value for publishers using Meta to support primary business objectives. 
  • Meta says it’s important to ensure “original reporting” is given wider reach to audiences across the country to build trust amongst publishers and readers

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