What can your brand do to win the Instagram game?

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  • Instagram works best for marketing purposes by eliciting your followers to act and optimising content for discovery. So it’s not just about posting, but about encouraging engagement.
  • Making sure your post is boosted by the algorithms by adding a comment immediately after posting that includes information you didn’t share within the caption. Responding to every comment left on your post. This doubles the total comment volume. You also can ask others to tag friends within the comments (e.g., “tag the most important person in your life) and pin the most popular comment to the top.
  • Stuff I didn’t know about how the AI works on Insta, like how AI-driven algorithms monitor actions users take on a post. For example:
    • Are people zooming in on your post and on a particular area of the image?
    • Are people taking screenshots of the post?
    • How long are individuals staying on your post?
    • Are people pausing in stream to look at your post?
    • Are users extending comments to read the thread?
    • Are users clicking to view your profile from your post stream, story, or a comment you made elsewhere?
    • Are users tapping “others” to see who else has liked the post?

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