Instagram rolls out Quiet Mode to improve teen experience

Instagram has rolled out its ‘Quiet Mode’ function as part of its ongoing work to improve user experience and give people more control over the content they wish to see and the time they spend on the platform.

How will Quiet Mode benefit users?

Quiet Mode enables you to temporarily silence push notifications on Instagram. It sends automatic replies to users who try to message you, so they can see you weren’t notified. It will also display ‘in quiet mode’ on your profile so users can see you are using the function, providing a summary of notifications you’ve missed when you return. You can also schedule times when the feature is automatically turned on.

Quiet Mode for teens

The new function is specifically aimed at teenagers who can put on ‘Quiet Mode’ whilst browsing on the platform late at night. With Instagram facing criticism over its affect on teenager’s mental health, the firm is focussed on making a number of changes to the safety of its younger users to include tightening default content settings, nudging teens away from the content they spend the most time browsing and introducing restrictions on the ways adverts target teenagers.

Not interested? Hide it in Explore

After months of testing, Meta have released a function enabling users to hide multiple pieces of content in Explore that they are not interested in. It aims to avoid showing you this type of content again in other places such as Reels, Search and more.

While users can already hide comments and DMs containing specific keywords, Meta have expanded this feature to apply to recommended posts across Instagram. Users can now add a word or list of words, emojis or hashtags they wish to avoid, and the platform will no longer recommend content with those words in the caption or hashtag.

Updated Parental Supervision Tools

Meta have also found new ways for parents to support their teenager’s experience on Instagram through Family Centre and supervision tools. The firm recently added the ability for parents to see their teen’s Instagram settings, including privacy and account settings. Now, if a teen updates their settings or blocks an account, parents will be notified so they are aware, and can discuss with their child if necessary.

Why does this matter?

Instagram has faced mounting criticism about its effect on the mental health of teenagers, with many admitting they are ‘addicted’ to the app. The new updates are aimed at making sure people have experiences that work for them and more control over the time they spend online and the type of content they see. It also encourages parents to, “be more aware of the choices their teens make and make it easier for them to have discussions with their teens about their settings.” Despite the platform taking a lot of inspiration from TikTok, Instagram remains ahead in relation to some safety aspects.


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