Meta announces expansion of Ads on Reels

Meta has announced it is currently updating and expanding its Ads on Reels tests, but what does this mean for users? See below a summary of the latest changes and what they mean for creators and users.

What are Ads on Reels?

Ads on Reels are short-form video content that appear between organic content on a person’s feed. Meta is currently expanding its Ads on Facebook and Instagram to give creators an eligible way to earn money. Meta will evolve its payout model based on the performance of creators’ public reals, not the earnings of ads on their reels.

How can I earn money as a creator?

Payouts will be decided based on the number of plays so the better a creator’s reel, the more money they can potentially earn. Further signals may be incorporated into payouts in due course. In the past, many circumstances out of a creator’s control have influenced their ad earnings. For example, the volume of ads a person has already seen who is viewing their content, or whether the ad is relevant to that viewer.

What are the advantages of the new model?

With the new performance-based model, creators can now focus on content that their audiences are enjoying that is helping them grow. In turn, advertisers can gain access to more ad inventory and reach more people, while users benefit from a more consistent viewing experience, with ads that are more relevant to them.

How can creators participate?

Creators who wish to participate in the test will be invited on Facebook. To be eligible, creators must live in one of 52 countries and meet several minimum requirements. Creators will then automatically be added to the new payout model. Once added to the test, creators must complete the onboarding process which includes accepting the terms of use and providing payout details. To earn from Ads on Reels, creators then just need to continue creating engaging Reels.

What comes next?

Meta has confirmed it will begin to test Ads on Instagram Reels next with a similar performance-based payout model which will be shared among a small group of creators and advertisers in select markets. The firm has also said it plans to start testing a performance-based payout model for In-Stream ads on Facebook using a small group of creators who currently make all types of content.

Why does this matter?

The expansion of Meta’s Ads on Reels means more creators will be able to earn money for creating and sharing engaging public reels. Creators will also be able to focus solely on the creation of content, leaving Meta to optimise the ad experience for advertisers and people.

Meta is inviting thousands of creators on Facebook to join its updated tests, to include creators of the Reels Play bonus program on Facebook. To check if you are part of Meta’s initial program on Facebook, visit ‘Professional Dashboard’, then go to the ‘Monetization Tools’ section. If you are invited, you should see Ads on Reels and you can select ‘Set up’ to begin onboarding.

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