Google announces expanded AI partnership with Reddit


Google has announced an expansion of its collaborative partnership with Reddit, aiming to deepen their collaboration across various fronts.

This new contract with Alphabet-owned Google is suggested to be worth about $60 million per year.The deal underscores how Reddit, which is currently preparing for a significant IPO  stock market launch, is seeking to generate new revenue streams amid strong advertising competition from rival platforms such as of TikTok and Meta.

With this latest partnership announcement, such a move signals a concerted effort to leverage Reddit’s platform for more opinionated conversations, topics and experiences to enhance user experience and accessibility.

The foremost aspect of this expanded partnership is the introduction of a new Cloud partnership. This collaboration will see Reddit integrating AI-powered capabilities using Vertex AI. By leveraging Vertex AI, Reddit aims to enhance its search functionalities and other aspects of its platform.

One significant motivation behind this partnership is the growing trend of users turning to Google to search for valuable content on Reddit, such as product recommendations and travel advice. In response to this trend, Google intends to streamline access to Reddit content across its products. This initiative will involve creating more content-focused displays of Reddit information within Google’s platforms, thereby facilitating easier access to Reddit communities and conversations.

Why is this important?

To enable these enhanced experiences, Google now has access to Reddit’s Data API, which provides real-time, structured, and unique content from Reddit’s platform. This access will empower Google to efficiently retrieve fresher information and gain enhanced insights into Reddit content. This expanded partnership underscores Google’s commitment to understanding and presenting Reddit content accurately and meaningfully. Importantly, this collaboration does not alter Google’s use of publicly available content for indexing, training, or display in its products.

Both Google and Reddit are clearly enthusiastic for the future prospects of this partnership.

They anticipate making it simpler for users to access and derive value from Reddit’s diverse and helpful content across both Reddit’s platform and Google’s products, though there is a question of how it will moderate some of the more extreme views and content on the platform. Overall, this expanded collaboration between Google and Reddit signifies a concerted effort to enrich user experiences and foster greater accessibility to valuable content on the internet.