Google announces updates to Shopping AI Search features

Google is enhancing the personalized shopping experience for users through various tools and features. With over a billion shopping searches daily and a vast array of products available through the Shopping Graph, Google aims to simplify the process of finding desired items for users.

One of the key features introduced is style recommendations, where users can rate apparel, shoes, and accessories items they search for, allowing Google to provide more personalised results based on preferences. These ratings help refine future searches, ensuring users see items that align with their tastes. Additionally, users can select favourite brands to see more options from those brands, further tailoring their shopping experience.

Recognising that many shopping queries are specific and descriptive, Google has developed AI image generation for apparel searches. This tool allows users to input detailed descriptions of what they’re looking for, such as “colourful quilted spring jacket,” and generate photorealistic images matching their vision. This feature assists users in finding items that closely match their preferences, even if they can’t find the exact words to describe them.

To provide further assurance to users about their potential purchases, Google now offers a virtual try-on (VTO) tool.

This tool allows users to see how clothing items would look on real models of various sizes, helping them visualize how the item might fit and drape on their own bodies. This feature not only benefits users but also aids brands by increasing the likelihood of users clicking through to their sites to make purchases.

Why is this important?

Overall, Google aims to create a personalised shopping experience tailored to individual preferences. By incorporating features like style recommendations, brand preferences, AI image generation, and virtual try-on, Google seeks to assist users in finding and purchasing products they love. As the shopping landscape evolves, users can expect more personalised experiences designed to meet their unique search needs and preferences.

images courtesy of Google

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