Google announces new Search features to verify content and images online

Google has announced four new search features designed to help users quickly evaluate information and gain context when browsing online.

Firstly, the “About this result” feature provides information about a website before clicking on it, including how it’s described on Wikipedia and other web sources. This feature is now available in 40 additional languages globally.

Secondly, users can easily find fact-checks on rumors or claims by independent fact-checking organisations directly in their search results. These fact checks provide snippets to quickly understand the context of a specific claim.

Thirdly, the Fact Check Explorer tool allows journalists and fact-checkers to delve deeper into topics by finding fact checks from around the world. This feature has now been expanded to include checking the origins and usage of images.

Lastly, “About this image” provides background and context for images found online. Users can access this tool by clicking on the three dots next to an image in Google Images results. It displays information such as the image’s history, how it’s described by other sources, and any metadata available.

Why is this important?

These tools aim to empower users to make more informed decisions about the information they encounter online, whether it’s verifying the credibility of a website or fact-checking a claim or image. Available in multiple languages, they offer a broader reach for users globally to access reliable information and context when browsing the internet.

image courtesy of Google

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