Anthropic release OpenAI rival ‘Claude’ on Apple iPhone

Anthropic, a challenger to OpenAI led by former OpenAI staff, is introducing Claude, a chatbot rival to OpenAI’s ChatGPT, onto iPhones.

Anthropic aims to cater to everyday users, recognising smartphones as central to modern technology interaction. The USP of Claude is meeting users where they are and integrating Claude into daily life.

Claude, available now in three pricing versions—haiku, sonnet, and opus—recently surpassed GPT-4 in the LMSys chatbot ranking with its extensive “context window” and ability to remember up to 160,000 words of conversation.

iOS app features

The Claude iOS app features include:

  • Seamless syncing with web chats: Pick up where you left off across devices.
  • Vision capabilities: Use photos from your library, take new photos, or upload files so you can have real-time image analysis, contextual understanding, and mobile-centric use cases on the go.
  • Open access: Users across all plans, including Pro and Team, can download the app free of charge.

Why is this important?

While OpenAI’s ChatGPT has had little competition on mobile devices, Claude’s arrival signals a shift. Anthropic’s iOS app offers additional features like accessing the device’s camera and photo library for tasks such as summarizing whiteboard diagrams or identifying plants from photos.

Anthropic also introduces a team plan for corporate customers, expanding its business offering. Scott White, Product Manager at Anthropic has stated that Anthropic’s mission is to lead AI safety and research and suggests that competition is crucial for positive industry influence.

OpenAI, in response to market pressures, adjusts its policies, allowing users full access to their ChatGPT history without requiring consent for training purposes. This development underscores the impact of competition on the market leader’s strategies and highlights the evolving landscape of AI chatbot technology.

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