Threads & Meta join the Fediverse – what is it?

Meta has recently integrated its app, Threads, with the fediverse, marking a significant step towards open social networking.

What is the Fediverse?

The fediverse is a global network of interconnected but independent social media servers that allow seamless communication and interaction across various platforms. This network is built on the ActivityPub protocol, enabling users to follow and interact with each other regardless of the specific server they are on, similar to how email systems operate across different providers.

Threads is Meta’s first application designed to be compatible with the fediverse. This integration allows users from different fediverse-compatible servers to follow and interact with Threads users without needing a Threads profile, fostering a more interconnected digital community. Meta envisions that this will help people engage in public conversations and find communities, irrespective of the server they use.

The fediverse functions as an open network where each server maintains its own users, content, and rules, yet shares information with other servers. This structure allows for broader communication and content discovery across the network. For instance, a post on Threads can be seen by users on platforms like Tumblr or Flipboard, illustrating the interconnected nature of the fediverse.

Why is this important?

Meta’s role in the fediverse is as a participant, not an owner. Threads is one of many servers within this ecosystem, contributing to the overall network without controlling it.

Users aged 18 and over with public Threads profiles in over 100 countries can opt to share their content with the fediverse. This means that their Threads profile and posts can be accessed and interacted with by users on other fediverse servers, expanding their reach and engagement potential.

The benefits of open social networking are substantial. It allows for greater accessibility and reach of content across different servers with minimal effort. This interconnectedness enables users to find and interact with new communities and audiences, enhancing their social networking experience. Additionally, it encourages innovation and experimentation among developers, who can create new features and experiences that seamlessly integrate with other open social networks. This open environment fosters more choice for users in how they engage with public discussions and expand their digital communities.

Meta’s integration of Threads with the fediverse represents a move towards a more open and interconnected social media landscape. By joining this ecosystem, Threads aims to help users find and engage with communities across different platforms, enhancing the overall social networking experience through broader accessibility and innovative development.

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