How to deliver an effective email marketing campaign

How to deliver an effective email marketing campaign In the second part of our email marketing series we cover how to deliver your email marketing campaign… Well firstly, you are going to need an ESP (Email Service Provider) to do the sending on your behalf. Why can’t I just blind copy everyone into an email […]

How YouTube can transform your Content Marketing efforts

How YouTube can transform your Content Marketing efforts YouTube Video Content YouTube is a fantastic platform for promoting your brand, testing community-driven video content that will inspire audiences to engage with various messages and products highlighted within video content. Depending on your objectives and goals, YouTube can help to enable your business to share stories […]

Google releases Data Studio Dashboard for Web Stories

Why we liked this article Web Stories Insights Dashboard provides an overview of how your Google Web Stories are performing. Through this new Google Data Studio dashboard, users can find key metrics such as page views, time spent on the story, and completion rate. Audience insights such as age, gender, and the device can also […]

Why blog designs are commonly pretty gross

 The a**e end of a development process Blog designs can come either as an after thought months or years after a web design project or at the end of the mentally draining process of website rebuild/redesign. For bigger sites, you may have a separate blog set up to the ‘main site’.   Also, ecommerce webmasters […]

An exceedingly basic content virality censor check

With a wealth of blog posts of content marketing tips, I thought I should share my latest content virality check. The idea for client side digital marketers would be act as a guardian for all content creation. The idea for digital marketing / SEO agencies is to stop their clients from churning out content hoping […]