Digital News 24th June

This week in the search space Google put their Panda 2.2 update live which targets low quality sites looking to ‘farm’ in traffic. This is designed to refine the sigifnicant movement that has occured particularly in ecommerce websites as many tense webmasters across the world endeavour to get their traffic back. It also will delve […]

Digital News 17th June 2011 hit the news this week for declining traffic in the UK and Canada. Rises in Twitter activity, talk of an IPO in early 2012, and negative PR surrounding data protection have Statistically Facebook have more ‘traffic’ (social media usage is so different to traditional websites and search engines) than Google in the US and […]

What digital services should you outsource?

Within digital marketing there are a number of competencies and channels that you need finely tuned to get a healthy mix. Some will work more quickly for you and you have to weigh up time and resource to how you structure your efforts. When asked recently ‘what digital services would you recommend outsourcing?’ the first […]