Pandemic-Proof Local SEO Link Building Tips For The Travel Industry

With hotels closed due to national lockdown restrictions, there have been several local link building strategies that we have had to adapt to fit in with the current climate. The pandemic has forced us to take thinking outside of the box to a new level by creating different ways to outreach to local businesses and […]

Search Engines for local business – Part Deux

In the last post regarding local search engine optimisation ‘the was and now’ I concluded with the salient points that any small business owner needs to prioritise – with or without any agency/consultant assistance. I named this section the future but this is only ‘the future’ to masses of small businesses (and indeed big brands) […]

Search Engines for local business – the was and the now

The was The world wide web. Get a website – you have to have a website. With an explosion of web design companies, bedroom web developers, free website providers, domain registrants you can get what you want – so get your website up there with your logo, about us type content and hey presto you’re […]