Data and Measurement

This has always been a critical element of paid success, but with increasing automation and the growth of audience targeting capabilities, getting this right is now a priority before even looking at channel strategy.

As much as we love data and the opportunities it can unlock, our approach is a pragmatic one.

We know the data set-up is never perfect, and making changes to it are often challenging within a business.

We have plenty of experience at working with what our clients have and finding ways to improve it within their business constraints.

What does success look like for your business?

What the CEO or shareholders truly care about. Likely a step beyond revenue, lead volume or sales growth; towards margin, lead value, or new customer growth

How close can we get to measuring this?

Can we pass that data directly back to the channels? Can we build an estimate of it? Can we set different targets and group campaigns, products or audiences around that?

Will we be able to use this data to deliver better results?

Is there enough data to fuel the optimisation strategy? If not, do we need different data or a different campaign strategy?

How do we report it?

Do we need a new framework? How do we show the results in the most useful way for the business? Do we have clear targets? What else might be impacted that we need to measure alongside it?

What next?

Can we continue to build on the data and approach? Is it still fit for purpose?

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