Case Study: 75% Of Google News Highest Ranking Articles Block ChatGPT

With the explosion of ChatGPT in 2023, it has been well documented that major players in journalism were blocking OpenAI’s crawlers from indexing their web content. With Google very much transitioning to an artificial intelligence (AI) first company, Google’s Search Generative Experience (SGE) experiment poses one key question: How much traffic will Google generate to […]

The future of social media marketing

Social media marketing has been a prerequisite for so many businesses at all levels. Even for SMEs, social media profiles have been almost an extension of a company’s online identification.  Sometimes, people assume that social media is dying as we all get frustrated with the negatives of the ‘attention economy’. But is this true? According […]

Google release key updates to GA4 eCommerce reports

Google has enhanced the eCommerce analysis capabilities in Google Analytics 4 (GA4) by introducing 30 new dimensions and metrics in the custom report builder. This update allows marketers to gain more detailed insights into their eCommerce data. The new eCommerce dimensions provide a more granular view of product-related information such as item name, brand, category, […]

The Evolution of Search Engines: A Glimpse into the Future

Since the early stages of web 1.0 when we first starting navigating the web with the assistance of search engines, the search engine industry has grown into a multi-billion dollar industry. Search engine use has exploded through web 2.0. In 2022, Google saw 8.5 billion searches per day (Internet live Stats, 2022). Along this growth […]

Google ‘Magi’ AI Experiment Strives For Balance

Google has invited U.S users to test the first Google ‘Magi’ experiment, where generative AI will take prominent positions in Google’s highly used and famous search engine results pages (SERPs). The search engine industry waited with bated breath during yesterday’s Google’s 2023 keynote, as the search engine giant looks to assert itself as the leader […]

ChatGPT is more searched for than TikTok

The adoption rate of ChatGPT is astonishingly fast. From non-developers to experienced programmers, ChatGPT has more buzz around it than any other component of the digital world. I took a look at where we are at in terms of worldwide brand search via Google, after listening to an AI podcast that highlighted that ChatGPT is […]

Language Model Wars: Google Introduce PaLM API For AI Development


Google have announced the release of a new AI Developers Google Cloud Workspace, which is designed to enable developers to build & deploy AI models quickly and easily. This announcement comes 13 days after Open AI announced ChatGPT and Whisper models are available via an API. It is fair to say that Google and Microsoft […]

Google Deletes Large Amounts Of Local Guides Reviews

google maps

The Google Maps team have had to recently delete unusually high amounts of reviews from ‘Local Guides’, which led to Google launching an update in this specific area of Google maps based reviews. In coming weeks, Google will potentially reinstate some of these ‘Local Guide’ reviews that actually were legitimate. This activity could well have […]

Google Ads Changes Announced In 2023 Search Ads Week

google ads

What is changing in Google Search Ads This Week? Automatically created assets AdsLiason (Ginny Marvin) announced today on Twitter that ‘automatically created assets’ are now available to all advertisers in English. Automatically created assets are a campaign-level setting designed to help generate additional, relevant headlines and descriptions for ads. These assets are generated from sources […]

Android Update Announcement February 2023

wear os android

Android & Wear OS Update: New For 2023 Google has announced the release of nine new features for Android devices in 3 areas: improving productivity, audio enhancements and features for family and friends. These new features are set to revolutionise the way users interact with their Android devices. What’s new in this Android Update? Productivity […]

Google Update – February 2023


There were major changes in the Google SERPs last week. Webmasters reported significant drops in traffic on specific days last week pointing to a Google update. This has not been confirmed by Google but often updates happen and nothing is officially announced. According to Analytics Expert Ben Luong, “I was working with a client who […]