TikTok expands its advertising offering with Pulse Premiere

TikTok is introducing its Pulse Premiere advertising solution to the UK, with Sky Sports becoming the first approved publisher through Sky Media. The platform’s advertising has proven to be an engaging form of entertainment, with 92% of users taking actions such as liking, sharing, following brands, or making purchases after watching TikTok videos. Pulse Premiere […]

Meta to expand Meta Verified program to Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp

Meta is expanding its Meta Verified program to include businesses on Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp. Testing is due to commence for Instagram and Facebook businesses in select countries, with WhatsApp businesses to follow later. The Meta Verified business subscription is aimed at providing several security and technical benefits, including business authentication with a verified badge, […]

Google appears to raise ad prices by up to 10% without consultation

Google has recently come under scrutiny for quietly adjusting its advertising auctions to meet revenue targets, a revelation made during a federal antitrust trial. According to Jerry Dischler, a Google Ad executive, the company frequently modifies the auctions used to sell search ads, resulting in cost increases of up to 5% for the average advertiser. […]

Google release key updates to GA4 eCommerce reports

Google has enhanced the eCommerce analysis capabilities in Google Analytics 4 (GA4) by introducing 30 new dimensions and metrics in the custom report builder. This update allows marketers to gain more detailed insights into their eCommerce data. The new eCommerce dimensions provide a more granular view of product-related information such as item name, brand, category, […]

GA4 offers Conversion Credit Eligibility Option in Google Ads

Google’s latest update to its analytics platform, GA4, offers marketers an unprecedented opportunity to gain valuable insights into conversion performance. With the ability to choose eligible channels for conversion credit, advertisers can now measure the impact of their campaigns with greater precision and make data-driven decisions. For the first time, marketers leveraging GA4 will have […]

Amazon under scrutiny for increasing advertising rates

Amazon is facing criticism for allegedly increasing fees and advertising costs for sellers on its platform.  A report by SOMO has revealed that between 2017 and 2022, Amazon tripled its earnings from fees charged to independent sellers in Europe. Delivery and storage costs for sellers in the UK, France, Germany, Spain, and Italy more than […]

EU applies pressure on Google to sell part of ad-tech business

The European Union (EU) has ordered Google to sell a portion of its advertising business due to concerns about anti-competitive practices. The EU’s competition commission accused Google of favouring its own online display advertising technology services over competing providers, advertisers, and online publishers. After a two-year investigation, the regulator concluded that Google had abused its […]

Meta to test new AI tools for Paid Media Platform

Meta, has recently made an announcement that it will be testing a suite of new AI tools for its paid media advertising platform Meta Advantage. The company is introducing AI-powered tools designed to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of advertising campaigns on their platforms. AI Sandbox The AI Sandbox is Meta’s testing platform for early […]

Google announces further AI integration for Google Ads

Google has been keen to highlight the role of AI in transforming the advertising industry with its latest launch of new AI advancements in Google Ads announced at Google Marketing Live. AI has been a foundational element of Google Ads, aiding advertisers in maximising their time and return on investment. Back in 2015, Google first […]

Meta announces expansion of Ads on Reels

Meta has announced it is currently updating and expanding its Ads on Reels tests, but what does this mean for users? See below a summary of the latest changes and what they mean for creators and users. What are Ads on Reels? Ads on Reels are short-form video content that appear between organic content on […]

YouTube – NFL Sunday Ticket pre-sale offers shopping and merchandising tie-ins

As of now, US-based NFL fans can sign up for NFL Sunday Ticket on YouTube TV and YouTube Primetime Channels. In doing so, these fans can lock in huge savings. NFL Sunday Ticket will be available across web, TV, mobile and tablet devices that support YouTube and YouTube TV, with no satellite dish needed. Consisting […]

Google to remove several attribution models for Paid Media advertisers

Google has announced that it will be removing several attribution models for advertisers in Google Ads and Google Analytics by July 2023. The attribution models that will be discontinued are:  First Click, Linear, Time Decay, and Position-Based attribution models. Attribution models are used to assign credit to different touchpoints along a customer’s journey before they […]