Google Phantom 3 Update – How does it affect ecommerce SEO?

Google Phantom 3 : Less Phantom like or more mystery for ecommerce SEO? [box type=”info”] Update (27th January 2016): Google’s core algorithm was updated on the 12th January 2016, to encompass real time Google Panda which targets thin/poor quality content. It has been suggested within SEO circles that this could be heavily related to the […]

Squash your bounce rate

In an attempt to pull website usability and website rankings closer together, the infamous Google Panda update included data on pages per visit and bounce rate making their algorithms more critical than ever. The real lost traffic to websites in this area is where a visitor leaves within a nanosecond of reaching the page as […]

SEO link builders New Years Resolutions

After yesterday’s post on Google’s webspam antics, I think it is fair to say that the paid links fear factor for businesses, Digital Marketing Managers, SEOs and SEO agencies has been well refreshed.  So what next? Abandon link building and concentrate on building your website so that it is so good that it will generate […]