SEO for blogs – Part 1 : Turning outbound links into Gold

SEO for Blogs Part 1 – a very quick introduction Blogs fascinate me. Endorsements and inspiration – connecting people and businesses in a personal, social way. In many ways, the early signs of social media along with email. In the next 3 posts, we’ve researched and looked at how to demonstrate blog power. We start […]

A guide to SEO copywriting

What is SEO copywriting?Writing copy that sells has always been something that has fascinated me, back to the days of scalable, high volume direct mail. This article looks into how to write copy with an appreciation for the SEO opportunities for your website.Why is it important?Whilst the major search engines mutate, the data we provide […]

SEO Marketing has never been more alive

For me, the concept of optimising web content has gone nowhere. In Yorkshire speak, Google has got the SEO industry to ‘wind their necks in’ with the spam and concentrate on delivering a compelling message. Call it what you want, SEO meets marketing…why not call it SEO marketing? Kind of nerd meets flower arranger I […]

1 simple way to become more authoritative on Google+

City Experts – Google needs more reviews Google are getting more competitive with Yelp in the local online space. Both companies are making strategic acquisitions and both companies (particularly Google) are tinkering with their online value proposition. The recent soft launch of City Experts aims to incentivise Google+ users once they’ve written 50 reviews within […]

Submitting A Reconsideration Request

Many SEO agencies have strong opinions on reconsideration requests and use of the disavow tool. So you are in a hole with your organic visitor levels due to previous SEO history. I am uncomfortable with people in SEO pretending that they’re whiter than white when really everyone has either experimented or carried out link building […]

Interflora brand penalty is lifted by Google

Interflora Brand Penalty Lifted The SEO world got its knickers in a twist when news broke on Interflora getting a brand penalty on As if 2012 wasn’t a clear enough message on buying links. Was it worth it Google? For the past week getting Mothers Day flowers sorted was a tiny bit trickier…although I […]

The Offlineosaurus

Why Offline Marketing is not Dead Marketing a product or business in today’s emerging market can be challenging when faced with such a large selection of suitable platforms. With the obsessive popularity of the Internet, it can be easy to overlook some of the time-honoured traditional marketing strategies, in favour of more technical options, but […]

Google Webmasters will identify bad links for you

Are you still stuck on page 200 for your leading industry volume search terms? The reverberations of Google’s algorithmic changes are still being felt by many small businesses. Are you an ‘unnatural links’ victim? Whether you built the links yourself or not I believe you are a victim…just as Google has proved to be a […]

Doing Awesome in Online Reviews

How you can excel in online reviews He knows that you know that I know that you know   Reviews, testimonials, endorsements – is this something that you could do better? If there is room for improvement, creating a sustainable action plan will help you sell more – without any major marketing investment.  It is […]

Google Adwords Email Signup extension

I saw this today (25/01/2013) – a logged in Google account combined with the Google Adwords subscribe ad extension that is still being piloted. Pretty strong direct response advertising from +GoogleAds  It will be interesting to see if this is the year for Google Adwords to roll this extension out to their advertisiers.