Add some Spike.

Spike Digital was born out of a deep passion for understanding technology, websites and the growing important of internet search engines. The Spike team have been specialising in SEO for over 10 years, and during that time the search landscape has changed dramatically, but one thing has remained constant – we love it! With any business we work with we start with the end in mind and ensure our goals and SEO strategies line up with the commercial direction of our client. Driving improved commercial performance is ingrained in every decision we make.

Long-term partnerships.

Finding the right SEO agency is difficult, and we also understand we can’t be all things to all people. We’re looking to grow based on creating successful long-term relationships. We have 3 core values we strive to adhere to – be transparent, provide exceptional customer service and deliver results.

Unlimited keywords.

You want to get into those top 3 positions on the major search engines. We find out where you are right now and put in place practical content led steps to get you the positions you deserve. We will track as many keywords as you want. Ultra clean search engine optimisation that lasts and makes you sell more stuff!

Better Content.

We advise you on content strategy in relation to what is already out there on public domain from an array of direct & indirect competitors. We bring you back to the ultimate question: ‘Is your web page or website the best possible result that a search engine could show to a user for a range of terms?’

Better Design.

We measure user metrics – from visitor volumes to click-visit conversion rates to attribution modelling. We then provide practical design recommendations to optimise your user metrics. This then dovetails website usability with SEO results – the engines like Bing and Google are looking to reward such activity.

We have an excellent working relationship with Spike Digital. Our SEO rankings have improved substantially (so too have the number of leads we receive) since we instructed them.

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