Mobile Usability Trends: AMPs and User Experience

2019 will see a number of trends within mobile usability that could create ideal opportunities for ecommerce players to leap ahead their competitors in traffic & conversions. In this article we will be taking a look the central pillar of mobile usability: page load speed. A relatively well known method to enhance mobile page load […]

Top Mobile Usability Trends for 2019

It is currently estimated that there are over 5.135 billion mobile users across the world and the market for mobile devices and mobile apps is continuing to rise every year. When it comes to mobile ecommerce, mobile apps and their usability are central to capitalising on the mobile market. With an increasing number of sites […]

What is a Progressive Web App?

A progressive web app, or PWA, is a development in mobile technology which has only recently begun to revolutionise how we interact with the internet and applications on our mobile phones and smart devices. But what are they? Why are they important and what can they do for your business? In this article we’ll be […]

Ecommerce and Gamification

If you want to increase sales and exposure in your online business, then engagement in your ecommerce strategy is vital. Making customers feel wanted, happy and satisfied is a key part of any business providing any service or product, and those businesses who excel in their customer engagement are those that succeed where others fail. […]

What is changing in the Marketing World?

The concept of digital advertising growing and mutating isn’t a new one at all – first digital overtook print advertising. Now digital advertising has its eye on overtaking television advertising. Why has this happened? Widescale, broadband internet usage, on to video, on to smartphones and now on to the Internet of Things…has exploded the internet […]

Is your mobile site in need of inspiration?

Are you at 1st base with your mobile website? Many UK businesses have now tentatively taken the step to have a mobile site – either standalone or encorporated within a responsive design. Due to the surge in widespread smartphone use and mobile ecommerce getting to 1st base has been the order of the day. At […]