What is changing in the Marketing World?

The concept of digital advertising growing and mutating isn’t a new one at all – first digital overtook print advertising. Now digital advertising has its eye on overtaking television advertising. Why has this happened? Widescale, broadband internet usage, on to video, on to smartphones and now on to the Internet of Things…has exploded the internet […]

Social retargeting can make you fly – and this is how

Give your sales a kick with social retargeting Why retarget? Do you remember at high school (or indeed university) ‘the one that got away’?   What if today, you gave a user a great website experience, but for whatever they didn’t buy / enquire? They might have run out of time, forgotten or even had […]

Using Facebook for e-commerce inbound marketing

Using Facebook for e-commerce inbound marketing Native advertising Out of all of the native (social) advertising opportunities, Facebook unleashes the largest potential amount of downstream traffic and have diversified into many different options to monetise their high engagement social network. This shift is down to negative PR about the advertising effectiveness of Facebook.com and the ever […]

Optimum Facebook post times

A recent study on the Facebook.com algorithm from Buddy Media states that Facebook pages that execute posts outside of working hours showed 20% higher engagement rates. The study from the US Facebook marketing consultancy gets under the skin of how to get into the most recent news feed of anyone in your fan base. By […]

Facebook Business Pages – things you should know

Facebook Business Pages (FBP) – tread carefully Thousands of marketers have tried pilot advertising spends on Facebook, getting their fingers burned with high CPAs and low ROIs. Thousands of marketers and agencies will keep at it, combining multiple combinations of creatives, keywords and placements. It is closer in its nature to display advertising than bread […]