Nostalgia marketing and the power of emotional attachment in PR

Why we liked this article Nostalgia marketing is a content creation strategy to make groups of people feel a part of a cohort by referencing to something only they can relate to from their past. Brands such as Nintendo and Pepsi are turning back time with nostalgia marketing. Using this strategy to form a connection […]

Instagram is testing a full-screen home feed

Why we liked this article Instagram is set to capitalise on TikTok success with a 9×16 full-screen primary feed. This will push the platform toward video content. This is going to see a decline in picture-based social media marketing. While video and story-based content is favoured by the full-screen algorithm. Paid media in the form […]

Is ‘futurestalgia’, the key to engagement with Gen Z?

Why we liked this article Gen Z ( ages 10- 25) are engaging with the nostalgia of the past which is mixed this is then re-invented in a modern way. Taking into account matters the demographic deems to be important such as sustainability and inclusivity. Social media is forefronting this trend seeing the GenZ participate […]

How to utilise Reddit for PR

How to utilise Reddit for PR At BrightonSEO we were inspired by several talks including one discussing Reddit and how to utilise the platform for PR. We revisited the talks as we are internally exploring strategies to use Reddit to get the opinions from people on niche topics. It’s a brilliant mass collection of forums […]

Data suggests UK is on ‘cusp of a golden age for podcasts’

Why we liked this article When it comes to digital PR and marketing, don’t forget the power of audio – while podcasts are still relatively niche, they are growing in popularity and influence Podcast ad tech is becoming more sophisticated, allowing brands to measure ROI and target audiences including programmatic tech for podcasts UK podcasting […]

Five Gen Z Trends Shaping the Future of Brand Engagement

Why we liked this article Gen Z’s use social media to follow interests and favourite brands. This means that brands need to keep up with these expectations and engage with Gen Zs by fostering deep and more personalised connections. Influencers and content creators are said to be the key to unlock a strong relationship from […]

Key study shows the impact of the IKEA effect in influencer marketing

Why we liked this article For an influencer marketing campaign to be effective, you need to both engage your audience as well as get them to interact with the content. The IKEA effect occurs when the consumer believes that they have contributed time to the creation of something. Content that is co-created between an influencer […]

Diamonds, Backlinks and Authoritative PR Content

Diamonds, Backlinks and Authoritative PR Content On June 17th, it was announced that the world’s third biggest diamond was discovered in Botswana, a stone weighing 1,098 carats, discovered by diamond firm Debswana. This is a huge find for the diamond industry, because in the past year and a half, sales of diamonds have slumped due […]

What can your brand do to win the Instagram game?

Why we liked this article Instagram works best for marketing purposes by eliciting your followers to act and optimising content for discovery. So it’s not just about posting, but about encouraging engagement. Making sure your post is boosted by the algorithms by adding a comment immediately after posting that includes information you didn’t share within the caption. […]

PR’s – Seven Reasons to Team-up with Marketing

Why we liked this article It’s vital you do not separate departments/channels as combining strategies lead to greater success. Collaborations in person need to ramp up in the industry Learn from Marketing how they effectively manage measurable results such as Clicks, comments and downloads which can all be analysed as part of a customer journey.

Meta Plans to Launch Personalised Facebook News Platform in France

Spike’s PR & Outreach Manager, Andre Gwilliam takes a closer look at what the latest news from Meta means.  In a world of fake news and syndicated content, it has become increasingly difficult for journalists writing to be seen and understood, and importantly trusted by readers. Because of this, Meta is choosing to develop a […]

B2B PR: 12 Ways to Maximise Strategy and Achieve Effective Results

Why we liked this article B2B PR is still viewed as a leading strategy for many businesses Various digital marketing and PR agencies giving their opinion, all agree on one thing – having closely aligned strategies, with a clients business goals, will deliver impact, credibility and authenticity as well as trust Looking at a client’s […]